Struck art medals

The 2015 BAMS Struck Medal Award was awarded to Ingrid Austlid Rise of Norway for her medal of Tormod Hermansen.  The winning medal was chosen by a panel of representatives from BAMS and medal manufacturer Thomas Fattorini.  “The medal is a gift to Hermansen for his several years at the board of Mint of Norway, edited in a small number mainly for Hermansen and his family.
Hermansen is known as management and organizational reformer in the government, in 1991 he restructured the Telephone directorate for state enterprises, and eventually public company. Hermansen was pushing for massive reorganization where a new organization did emerge on the side of the old, as well as conversion to a public corporation in 1994.

The Elk, the king of the forest, is referring to his place of birth, a valley well known for its huge number of forest animals.”

Hans Bergs Athlets Aword for was 2017 honored to Ole Einar Bjørndalen. Who is the lucky winner of the pure gold prize 2018?
Grosch reverse, the first medal was awarded to Sverre Fehn.
Jan Eirik Hansen, former director of the Mint of Norway.
Per Andersen, former director of the Mint of Norway.
Magne Flaagan, former director of the Mint of Norway.
‍Jan Erik Johansen former Mint director of The Royal Norwegian Mint.
Norway 100 years Anniversary of Liberation 2005. The Lion from the entrance of the Parliament (sculpted by Christopher Borch). To the right the signature of all the prime ministers during the period.
The Royal Couple, ruby wedding 2008.
Odd Nerdrum, well known Norwegian artist (painter). editor Art Supply.
Peter Dahl, Norwegian/Swedish painter.
Per Aabel Norwegian actor. Here in the Caracter of Jean de France, created after a sculpture by Nina Sundbye.
The Royal Castle 150 years 1998.
‍Kjell Storvik, norwegian economist and the former Governor of the Central Bank of Norway.
Hermod Skaanland
‍The statue, sculpted by Per Palle Storm, of this Lion is placed in the entrance hall of the Bank of Norway. The medal is created by Rise.
‍H. M. King Harald V of Norway, at his first formal visit to Kongsberg as being King. The Crowns in Haavet is  a rock wall with the monograms of all Kings who have visited Kongsberg during the time.
My first medal made for the 300th anniversary of the Royal Norwegian Mint 1986.