Casted medals

The casted medals are my personal from private editions. The art medal is always challenging, I work the traditional way in metal, patined, there is plenty of room for exprecion and personal style in it for me..

Polar Bear Endangered 2023
Polar Bear endangered. 2023.
Refugees 2021, triptycon

This medal REFUGEES was exhibited on the Colorado Springs FIDEM exhibition. The origin for the motif is our King Haakon VII who (with his family) has to escape during the first April days in 1940 during the invation of  the second world war.

Reverse REFUGEES. The medal was purchased by British Museum, London and The Royal Coin Cabinet, Stockholm
‍Terror: the medal is
referring to the youth teror 07.22.  in Norway and the Twin Tower Terror
09.11. In both cases people were falling down, both abstractly and directly.
The feeling of being in the fall where we loose all control and know nothing about
the result.
Terror/error reverse.
‍Henrik Ibsen, well known
Norwegian Author.
‍Johan Falkberget, another
Norwegian Author. One of my favorites.
Cat and bird obverse.