Curriculum Vitae

Designer / Mint engraver at the Norwegian Mint since 1986.


Born 1955, Oppdal, Norway.

Work Experience
Mint of Norway: Designer / Mint engraver since 1986. Experienced user of ArtCam and Type3 3D software, Photoshop and Illustrator. Jeweller/gold smith practiced in own work shop. 

IT Academy: Web design, 2000
Lillehammer University College: Occupational Psychology, basic introduction, 1998 Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade 1982, sculpture
Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 1978-1982 metal, diploma Goldsmith, Certificate of Journeyman, 1978.  

Grants and studio stays

Anton Chr Houens Endowment 1983
Yugoslavian Scholarship holder 1982,  
Grini Prisoners Cultural fund 1982 

Group exhibitions, projects, festivals (in samples)

FIDEM-International Medal Exhibition, exhibitions from 1987 to 2016.
Oppdal Art Society, Sculptures 2015
"Rebella" Moss Art Gallery 1985
"Handicraft North / South" North Norwegian Art Centre Svolvær 1984
"Handicraft" Karlstad in the direction of Värmland Läns Art Listening Association 1984  

Medailles 2014:
Portrait medals 3D relief or digital graphic?

Public Ornamentations
Kragerø County: Nordraak park, two portrait reliefs, Kragerø 2002 
Lyngdal County: Relief, Lyngdal 2005
Slemdal, Oslo: Portrait relief Halvor Torgersen, 2005
Oppdal: Olaf Skaslien, portrait relief, 2009 

Royal Coin Cabinet Stockholm 2000, 2009
British Museum, London, 2009 
Bergen Museum, Norway, 2014 

Awards and honours

The 2015 BAMS Struck Medal award Shared 1st prize. 
The Mint Directors Coin Competition USA: 50 kr, Liberation of Norway, 1996. 
3rd prize Competition for the Design of the new Coin Series. 1 krone 1994
Selected from extra Competition   “                “       “        “       5 krone 1994 
1st prize, 1500 kr Gold Coin 1994, UCI Road World Championships 1993. 
Awarded, shared prize: Coin Collection for the Olympic Winter Games 1990.



Royal Mint, Llantrisant, UK: 1 week 1986
L’Atelier des Monnaies et Medailles, Paris, 3 months, 1987
Royal Mint, Llantrisant 4 weeks, 1991
Huguenin Medailleurs, Swizerland, 2 weeks, 1992.



Creating images that describes life through form. I work with composition to evoke a harmonious whole. The Motifs must have rhythm, music, contrast and life. My favourite subject is sculpting portraits.