Here are some models for medals and coins. Some of them have never come through for production; still it's nice for me to show them, as rarities.

Wedding medal UK, Harry and Meghan. Edited by Tower Mint for The Royal Collection shop. The lay out with text and the other side is created by Tower Mint.

Neither this model has been used for medal. It was ment for the series The Norwegian Royal Court.
Martin Luther King 1oz gold coin, model.
Sveriges historie, medal.

Every year The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters edits a medal celebrating one of their honored members. Here is John Ugelstad.
A past idea for a 20 kr coin. I wanted to make a coin that even blind people could recognize; the rough structure and the curved shape should be sensed.
‍ ‍The medal that never came through. The Hammer Striker with the Numismatic owl watching. Created in 1989 as far as I remember.